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Workshop  | Body /material

body/material is a dramaturgy of dances, where dance is intended primarily as a movement of attention and a technology of ecstasy, done both «alone together» and ‘together together’. The work invites the participants to look and treat the body as material, addressing its organic functions and spiritual potential as well as its cultural implications, holding bodies as biographies affected in different ways by power-over systems. The nature of the approach is eclectic and sources from ‘chi’ cultivation techniques such as Qi Gong (energy circulation technique) and Pranayama (breathing techniques), spine and limbs patterns explorations (body connectivity, experiential anatomy) and Contact Improvisation/hands-on work (touch and imagination as portals to the felt sense). Improvisation, fiction and free movement play are central to access physical states of enhanced consciousness. The work happens in contained frames or journeys that allows for departure, investigation and integration, relies on consent practices, improvisation as mindset, and queer magic as the invisible thread.This laboratory suits anybody who is a fan of bodily expression, approaching dance as a committed zone for personal and mutual liberation. A certain stamina is required, but no specific skill, therefore is open to any moving body.

As for access needs, please please get in touch with the organizers, who will inform me.


Maria F. Scaroni (DE/IT) is a dance artist. She interprets choreographic works, creates dances and hosts dance workshops. Trained independently, moved to Berlin in 2004, where she works as a freelance dancer, she created/performed works with Jess Curtis, Jeremy Wade, Frank Willens, Tino Sehgal, Vania Rovisco/AADK, Manuel Pelmus. Since 2009 Maria collaborates with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods (Until Our Hearts Stop, Sketches/Notebook, Built To Last), and has been sharing sharing with Meg Stuart and part of the Berlin dance community the commitment to improvisation as a performance event (City Lights, Auf den Tisch!, Politics of Ecstasy). Her choreographic works focus on the process of collaboration, play with durational experiences and forms of hospitality, crossbreeding somatic practices and speculative interest with witchcraft, healing, and ‘aesthatics’ for mutual empowerment. Maria teaches in Berlin’s Universities HZT and Bard College and is involved in independent training programs (P.O.R.C.H., ROAR). Since 2017 she is organizing within the queer community as resident choreographer and member of the party collective Lecken Berlin, an erogenous femme forward rave.During pandemic she shidted her focus on technologies for mutual empowerment, re-purposing post-modern dance legacies for somatic activism, giving rise with Heather Purcell and Caitlin Fisher to a space for community building called Social Pleasure Center.




Eusko Jaurlaritza Kultura Eta Hizkuntza Politika Saila/Departamento de Cultura y Política Linguística del Gobierno Vasco
Vitoria-Gasteizko Udala/Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz
Arabako Foru Aldundia/Diputación Foral de Álava
Fundación Vital Fundazioa




06/12/2023 - 10/12/2023


Miércoles, Jueves, viernes y sábado de 15.00h a 20.00h domingo de 15.00 a 18.00h